We are made of the same, we depend on her to live here and be safe. We don’t even pay her rent. Gaia agreed at one point to be our house planet, our laboratory, our classroom, our home. She agreed to raise and feed us, she is the ultimate mother, educating us and loving us unconditionally.

Our body is the link between our Higher Self and Earth, thanks to this body I can exist here.
I cannot destroy the Earth, but I can make it better. I cannot destroy my Soul because I am an infinite being. I can surely destroy my physical body though, it takes a lot to do so, but I can. Nevertheless my Soul continues to exist.

Everything is information, this is of utmost importance to understand, because if everything translates into information then we can figure out what we are doing here.

You can do whatever you want, this is known as free will, still, you get here and you get amnesia. It is like a Poker Game.
The cards are dealt to me and I play at Life. While playing I gain experience, with these new experiences I can play better next time, or, if I don’t like the hand I can throw my cards in and ask for a new round and start a new Life.

The reason why I have cancer again is because I have ignored my body, the same way humanity has ignored Gaia.

I am conscious and aware of the close relationship between Gaia and I.
I have not had a better teacher, her love and patience to me and humanity has been unconditional. My own mother never loved me like this.

Some of the tools we have to get to know our body are meditation, contemplation, martial arts like Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, Yoga, sports, walking with intention, introspection, among the most known. These tools we own, we are born with them for this purpose. By getting to know our own physical body we get to know our etheric bodies and beyond.

Animals live along us on this Earth. They all have souls also, we ask ourselves what could be their purpose? Definitely not here to be our servants, more like companions on our path, to me they are a mirror to my own Soul. They can wake up our deepest Self and make us feel a connection to All. Reminding me we are all here together learning and being useful to others and Gaia.

We are all made of the same elements. Animals have watched us destroy our habitat, some of them have actually tried to stop us, like the orangutan hanging from the last tree of the rainforest, or the elephants who at night attack the village who destroyed their habitat and source of food and water.

Gaia does not do vengeance, she loves unconditionally. True Love is like that, Love is information as well, this is the type of education we need to restart. To love and be kind to our physical bodies, to love and be kind to our Land, this lifetime and the next ones.