In 2011 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer which send me into a new lifestyle, I quit my job and begun a long period of research about how to prevent illness and how to heal. Cancer was an opportunity to ‘get off the grid’ and take a closer look at what Life really means. There are alternative ways of healing, if you have been to every doctor and found no relief, perhaps an alternative approach is what you need. 

Once again, in December of 2021 I was diagnosed with ‘Metastasized Cancer’. It is the same type as before, perhaps I was never free of it. It spread to my lymph nodes and bones.

I have been an organic grower and a sustainable landscaper for the last 20 years. I teach how to grow ‘live food’ to prevent illnesses. Because ‘we are what we eat’, the first step to being Whole, is to eat live and colorful food. Nevertheless this type of prevention life style was not enough. I have learned what was missing, what I was ignoring, the reason I am still sick. In this life journey my lessons can help others, so if you are interested in talking more in depth about it, email me.

I was trained by Natives in Chile on how to access the Spirit of the Forest in a respectful manner, accessing the hidden secrets contained in the woods. I can listen to nature and animals and with their help I discover what is missing in life.

I am not doing healing for others during the summer of 2022, Coaching via zoom only.

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