In 2011 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer which send me into a new lifestyle, I quit my job and begun a long period of research about how to prevent illness and how to heal. Cancer was an opportunity to ‘get off the grid’ and take a closer look at what life really means. There are alternative ways of healing that can help you cope during illness and bring you relief. 

Once again, in December of 2021 I was diagnosed with ‘Metastasized Cancer’.  It spread to my lymph nodes and bones. By February 2023 I was healed, for the second time. Now I am sharing how I did it and what I learned in the process.

I have been a coach and an organic grower for the last 20 years. I teach how to grow- ‘live food’ -to prevent illnesses. Because ‘we are what we eat’, the first step to being Whole, is to eat live and colorful food.

I use a variety of tools to promote a meditative state of mind in order to bring the body to a balanced state where healing can happen. Sound Healing has become my expertise, with drums, tuning forks and crystal bowls I help tune the body back to health.

I was trained by Natives in Chile on how to access the Spirit and Sounds of the Forest, I am a Reiki Master and a certified Life Coach.

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