In January 2022 I entered Tahoe Forest Hospital a bit incredulous, I was in awe I had to deal with Cancer for the second time in my life. A large bulk showed up in my neck, right above my clavicle, the size of a golf ball. My body was trying to let me know for the quintessential time there was something wrong with my behavior. Until then, I was running, avoiding, ignoring. Running away from a silent ghost who chased me with no mercy. I had fell twice that prior summer, running to get the animals fed, running to go harvest eggs from the coup, running to go feed the dogs, when nobody was rushing me. Nevertheless, I ran.

The body is smarter and benevolent beyond my wildest dreams. I had dedicated myself for years to study every kind of spirituality there is, learning how to astral travel, to read energy, to communicate with spirit. Taking classes on line and expanding my horizons, I failed to listen to my body. In the past 10 years my body recovered from breast cancer and its treatments, it took me to Chile and held strong against family issues. My body silently stood by me while I indulged in alcohol and cannabis when tired from running. I ran, swim, work, coached, and cried a lot. I was chronically depressed and insisted in ignoring the signs.

The body can take a lot, but one day, it gives us a bill. All the abuse and neglect from my part was humbly accepted by it, not ignored. I have free will to do as I wish, but there is no getting away from my responsibility. My body one day said to me, ‘enough! I cannot take any more of this neglect, either you pay attention to me, or we are going to die’. Cancer was present again as a red flag, I needed to stop my behavior and asses finally what was wrong, what was I missing. Death is the only sign I had not listen to, and just like the first time around, it showed as a blessing in disguise. Was I ready to stop and find out what was going on?

Once in the Petscan I was shaken by the news, it was not only a golf size tumor in my lymph nodes, I had bone cancer. Another golf ball size tumor in my femur and three small peanut size ones in my spine. My new doctor delivered the news with honest sadness, we were not expecting this much. “You are in no pain?” he asked incredulous, bone cancer is quite painful he assured me. I have been in pain for the last 8 years, back pain though. I lived a very active life style, I skied and crashed a million times, I biked and crashed another hundred times, my spine is kind of messed up from lifting weights, it is back pain, I thought it was normal wear and tear, simple back pain!! The doctor looked at me with wide open eyes, trying to understand how could I confuse back pain with bone cancer. “You must be one strong lady” he said gently. I was so embarrassed. Yes I am strong, but this is plain ignorance.

Once I saw the red flag in my face, I finally stopped. I let the news sink in and I retreated to Truckee, only 5 minutes away from the hospital. I was going to find out what was going on with me and heal myself to the best of my abilities. It took a whole year of intense work. First I had to find out what my body was trying to tell me, it was not easy, I had been procrastinating for so long, there was a large amount of information to process. I used mainly hypnotherapy, sound and vibration to treat my body, the chemotherapy treatment was a very low dose compare to the one of 2011. Radiation had become a laser point accurate treatment, Oncology had improved so much in ten years, I was so pleased and relieved.

I am happy to be able to tell the story, my body eventually forgive me, not before bringing me down to my knees in repent, I had to learn the hard way that there is a Sacred Trinity that cannot ever be out of balance. Body, mind and spirit.

One year later, I am happy to share with all of you that I am opening up for business, I am sharing what it takes to get better, I am sharing how to prevent disease, I am sharing the wisdom achieved in this journey of mine. Please feel free to recommend me to your loved ones who might be ill or in distress. It is time for me to share what I know, and I am happy to tell you my Active Relief Therapy is absolutely lovely, you will enjoy it and get healthy in the process.

You can find me at: Chico Creek Wellness, 360 East 1st Street, Chico, California. 95928

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