Sphere Talk

I recently took a Sacred Geometry class to expand my horizons. Math in general does not come easy to me, I struggle with fractions, divisions, equations and everything in between.  Geometry though, opened a fantastic door of knowledge I did not expect, it is a friendly and easy way to learn about Life and the language of Nature.

Some years ago I build my first pyramid/teepee inside a gigantic hydroponic greenhouse I owned in the south of Chile. I was warned to be prepared for movement, changes, and quick unravellings, since any physical shape will affect its surroundings. If you can imagine the Energy coming in from the top of the pyramid from the Cosmos, you will notice a slight increase in the speed as the energy moves in and out through the bottom of the pyramid, towards the Earth. Much like a funnel. The shape of the pyramid is an invitation for energy to flow through.

Quantum tendencies (fulfillment of the inner nature), “All things in the Universe, in their own subjectivity, are pervaded by inherent tendencies toward fulfillment of their own potential.”

Immediately after the pyramid was up in my greenhouse, the speed in which the present happens seemed to accelerate. Anything that was in the ‘works’ came to fruition, good and bad. My father broke his hip, my dog got run over by a car~it might sound as events triggered by ‘bad luck’ but nothing is farthest from the truth. All the events that came upon where supposed to happen. For the good of All, they just came all at once.

Couple of years later, the Sphere concept came to me. Crop circles is a new way to look at Geometry and its shapes. I found a simple but astonishing compilation of all the crop circles by year from 1990 to 2020 which gave me the opportunity to take a closer look at this fascinating phenomena. As it turned out, every year the crop circles start with a simple sphere. Observing with an open mind I became aware that crop circles show  ‘movement’, or an evolution within its shapes. From the first sphere we go unto a second one, which shows as a second sphere inside the first one. How did this happened? I was fixed on that first evolution from a sphere to a sphere inside a sphere. It is obvious some type of movement inside the first sphere had created the second one.

It took some time to finally come to the realization that it had to be a movement charged with Life principles within the original sphere, and what but The breath of Life could bring such division. As the Sphere becomes aware of its own essence it breaths in Life, one big inhale, and the division begins.

For a comparable visual I use the egg in the womb. From a sphere, under the laws of Quantum tendencies of fullfilling its inner nature towards its own potential, the egg divides into two, and so Life begins.

I humbly realized that the Sphere is the Perfect shape. The Breathing Sphere, documented year after year through crop circles, which starts as a simple but perfect geometric shape, then breaths, like you and me, like the egg in the womb; breathing brings in life and starts a series of divisions which will end up as a perfect and intricate geometric shape, such as a mandala, or a new human being.

I had been looking at all this with my Micro Lens, the smallest manifestation I could think of is the egg in the womb, but what about using a Macro Lens? What sphere can I relate that is close enough to me so I can observe and learn? The answer was evident, Gaia, Pachamama, Earth, our home. Yes, Gaia is a perfect sphere as well. She feeds us, she gives us shelter, she renews us, and gives us everything we need to live.

Gaia, our planet, breaths also, we can identify different patterns of breathing within her such as a daily breathing in at night and exhaling out during the day. We can also identify her breathing through the different seasons, how in winter she breaths in, and in summer she exhales all her abundance manifesting in early Spring with blossoms all over her surface.

We see how Gaia has been taken for granted, she has been thought as a domesticated sphere that belongs to humans. Nothing can be furthest from the truth. Gaia is the perfect sphere we are so lucky to be living on. And she is alive, she breaths, she exhales, she rotates on an endless path of life and fulfillment of her own potential. Respect!

She is not alone, there are infinite planets in the Cosmos, all perfect spheres at different stages of development. I have my imaginary Telescope in place and I am looking at the Cosmos, the beautiful and wise Energy that holds all this planets and our own Gaia together, they are connected. It is of fundamental importance to realize that Gaia is not floating around like a balloon who escaped a child’s grip.

Gaia is contained by the Cosmos Energy, and in direct connection with it.

Amazing what a Geometry class can bring awareness of! Connecting with Gaia is the first step to healing the abuse she has gone through, watch my Sacred Soil video and get a glimpse of how you can connect with her and start amending the past. Love Gaia, Love the Cosmos, Love your Soil, your plants, your animals and all human beings. We are in this together!