As a Life Coach and Healer I have been helping people learn more in depth about themselves, closing the gap between those transcendental questions and the understanding of all the elements that compose Life.

Besides your personal healing and coaching, your home & garden and pets need to be addressed in order to have all your environments achieve balance and harmony. It is not enough to heal yourself, what surrounds you and who is with you play an important role in the whole picture.

Earthing is going to help you heal, it will ground your companion pets, bringing balance into your space, and your garden. As energetic beings, we All need to be “tuned” into the same frequencies for optimal health. I will aid you in this process with my expertise by sharing with you what I have learned and how I healed myself.

Here are all the factors in play, you can chose one, two, or all three practices.

  1. Healing and Coaching you on your journey.

  2. Healing and Grounding your pets.

  3. Cleansing your Home.